Sickening Video Captures Hate Crime Against “White People” By Deranged Man In NYC ~ illicit info

Kirsters Baish’s Analysis, Opinion and Speculation| It has been reported that a homeless man from New York is facing multiple felony counts after randomly assaulting as many as seven white pedestrians.

Officials reported on the arrest on Saturday, which took place in lower Manhattan.

The New York Post reports:

Todd Lyons, 33, apparently didn’t care if his victims were young or old, male or female — so long as they were white, sources alleged to The Post.

He used his fists, or random found objects — including a brick and wood from a broken chair — to strike his victims, sometimes knocking them to the ground and leaving them bloody, police said.

“Get off the street, honky, you ­f–king honky, you don’t belong here,” Lyons was said to have yelled at a 58-year-old man that he also punched in the face two weeks ago while in Chelsea, according to law-enforcement who spoke to The Post.

Warning the Tweet below is said to feature a violent video of one of the alleged attacks, viewer discretion advised: 

According to the Post, “Lyons was awaiting arraignment on three of the attacks Saturday night, a day after his arrest. Sources said that the NYPD Hate Crime Task Force is investigating if he is also linked to four other incidents.”

“I knew something was off,” ­vocational counselor Gregory Magloire said of the suspect.

Magloire, who fingered Lyons for the authorities, works for Barbour Hotel, “a 95-unit, supportive-housing facility for the homeless where Lyons was admitted in mid-August, in the midst of the assault spree,” the Post reports.

“Throughout the intake I thought he was someone who may be going through something, maybe mentally,” stated Magloire. He continued, “He wasn’t focused. He kept dozing off. he wasn’t looking at me face-to-face.”

Via the Post:

Lyons often walked around shirtless — and when police released a video of a shirtless attacker, “I knew it was him,” said Magloire.

“Wow,” he remembered thinking. “Everybody is looking for this man, while he spent half the day in my office.”

The first attack took place on Aug. 9 at Fifth Avenue and 14th Street, when a man, 56, was shoved to the ground from behind.

Five days later, Lyons allegedly punched a 53-year-old woman in the face at Seventh Avenue and 14th Street, then minutes later slugged a 64-year-old woman in the neck with a wooden stick at Eighth and Greenwich avenues.

He has also been linked to — but not charged with — an incident that same day, in which a ­20-year-old woman was struck from behind with a brick at Wooster and Canal streets.

The other attacks Lyons is suspected of committing took place on August 16 when a 25-year-old woman was attacked at 1:30 in the afternoon while standing out front of 111 Fifth Ave. On that same day, a 72-year-old man was attacked at Union Square East and 15th St.

“The most recent suspected assault was 6:30 p.m. on Aug. 23, when a 64-year-old woman was attacked at Seventh Ave. and 14th St.,” the Post reports.

I wonder where these people could be getting this idea in their head that it is all “white people” who are the source of their problems.  It’s as if there is an entire political party based on selling and sowing racial division …

but that’s none of my business…

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